Curse of the Crimson Throne

Of Fortune Tellers and Dead Kings

Our tale starts with four souls from the city of Korvosa. Each found a Harrow card on their person, with writing on its back directing them to meet at a house in Korvosa. There they met each other and a fortune teller named Zellara who brought them there to request their aid in getting revenge on a local petty crimelord named Gaedren Lamm. The group takes up the offer to help as they were also wronged by Gaedren in the past.

They travel to the address Zellara gives them; an old, rundown fishery on the Jeggare river. There they disguised themselves as fish sellers and attempt to broker a deal with Gaedren’s business partner, Yargin, inside the fishery but soon fighting breaks out after Yargin’s dog sees through their illusion. The PCs explore the fishery and discover young children working there under the repressive regime of a cruel gnome and brutal half-orc. Soon they find Gaedren under the belly of the fishery and kill him, finding his stash of treasures. Among them the party finds a hatbox and a necklace belonging to the queen. Inside the hatbox is the two week old head of Zellara the fortune teller, which suggests to the group that the Zellara they met earlier could possibly have been a ghost.

The group then leaves the old fishery to find the city of Korvosa in flames and the populace rioting. The cry of a herald rings out clear in the night air “the king is dead, long live the queen!”


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