Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Sewer Brew

The party had reach reached Citadel Volsheynek and spoke with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, who recognized them as the ones that defeated Gaedren and his gang. She had some further work for the group; before the riots began, the guard had been investigating a series of incidents involving missing women. Currently, all guardsmen are helping to quell the riot and she is unable to spare anyone to deal with the crimes.
After accepting her offer, the party heads out for North Point, where the last disappearance occurred. Meeting with the innkeeper at the tavern Cressida suggested, the Three Rings Tavern, the party informed her that they were looking for a missing woman, who worked at the tavern. The innkeeper, Theandra Darklight, had prepared some rooms that the Field Marshal had requisitioned. The party then had a few drinks with the tavern locals and, after digging up a few rumours, retired for the night. During the night, Gnarbles, Jorja and Prophet were awoken by loud voices from the next room. Soon, they heard glass breaking and decided to investigate. They discovered that the window had been broken and a body of a woman lay in the street. The trio leaped out of the window and down onto the street, soon noticing the shadow of a person escaping down an alley. Taking chase, Gnarbles managed to clip the suspect with a crossbow bolt.
Soon, after following the blood trail, they entered Korvosa’s Vaults, an immense sewer and drainage system. Making their way through the sewers, they were attacked by several grey oozes and reefclaws. After Gnarbles also discovered a small box containing a two-headed worm and that, contrary to popular belief, sewer water is not good for anyone’s health. Deciding that it was better to take some time to recover, the group decided to rest for an hour.


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