Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Ghostly Friend To Add To The Riots

After dealing with Gaedren Lamm and his operation, the party left the old fishery and saw that Korvosa was in flames. Riots had taken hold of the city as King Eodred II died and Queen Ileosa was placed in power.
Making their way back to Zellara’s house, the group came across a drunken guardsmen named Grau Soldado, and they decided to help him get back to Citadel Volsheynek, the headquarters and garrison for the Korvosan Guard. At Zellara’s house they found it unlived in for weeks and the ghostly form of Zellara appears before the party to thank them for avenging her son. Soon after, they leave for the Citadel and one of the guardsmen there, Klaudio Aveza, noticed the queen’s brooch and advised to return it to the castle for a reward.
After navigating the chaos of the streets of Korvosa and avoiding mobs of rioters, guardsmen attempting to quell the rising populace, and the heavy-handed Hellknights, the party approached Castle Korvosa and gained access after showing the brooch to a soldier at the gates. In the castle they met with the Queen’s bodyguard, Sabina Merrin, and Queen Ileosa herself.
After collecting their reward they then made their way back to the garrison at the behest of the queen, accompanied by two castle soldiers. A group of imps attacked them, excited by the chaos in the city streets below them, but they were able to strike them from the sky.


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