Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Dragonborn Discovery

Shortly after taking a break to tend to some wounds, the group started to hear a distant growling and splashing sound coming from further down the sewer tunnel. As they were getting ready to investigate, Seraphina noticed a strange smell, like that of rotten eggs. Realizing that this may well be dangerous sewer gas, she shouted out to her friends, covering her mouth. Only the cleric had time to hold his breath as a wave of poisonous fumes washed over them, knocking several of them unconscious for several minutes.
The gas quickly dispersed, but the two conscious adventurers began to hear strange voices and footsteps from down the tunnel. Just as two wary wererats came into view, the other members of the group began to awaken. After conversing with the lycanthropes and sharing some of their rations with them, they described the comings and goings of several men, who wore old, dirty Korvosan guard uniforms and were seen taking women down through the tunnels. The party then followed the wererats directions and soon found a stone spiral staircase leading down into the earth. The gnome sorcerer, unafraid of a couple of stairs, trudged forward but soon found himself dealing with a group of skeletons. As Gnarbles took off down the staircase, the rest of the group charged in to attack. With blasts from Seraphina’s blunderbuss, mad destruction from Beyonce’s battleaxe, and a ray of light emanating from Prophet’s holy symbol, the skeletons were soon reduced to piles of bones and dust littering the ground and stone staircase.
The party soon followed gnarbles down the staircase and, reaching the bottom of the stairs and stepping into an ancient chamber, Prophet was attacked and narrowly dodged being engulfed by a hungry darkmantle. The group swiftly slew the creature and soon discovered the still-living body of a dragonborn laying in the bottom of an empty stone pool. Knowing their resources were spent, and ensuring that the doors and entrances to this room were secure, the party settled down for a much needed rest, knowing that they would soon find out who this armor-clad dragonborn was.


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