Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Cryptful Night

The party slept through an uneventful, however creepy, night. All awoke to find the dragonborn also awake and very much unaware of where, or who, he was. He knew that his name was Kome but beyond that he only had fleeting images of his past. Some members of the group recognized him as a member of the Sable Company, Korvosa’s elite hippogriff riders. Getting up, Kome bumped one of the statues standing next to him and knocked a tiny raven figurine from its hand. Picking it up and, after putting it in his mouth, Gnarbles discovered that it magically transformed into a raven. They then searched the rest of the room, discovering and triggering a magical poison spray trap set on the other statue in the room. On the eastern door, they found a seven-pointed star-like symbol with runes at each point. Jorja recalled that this was an ancient Thassilonian symbol and the runes each stood for one of the seven virtues and the seven sins. Touching each of the runes caused them to cast a green glow and unsealed the western door.
Through the door, the group found streaks of blood and bits of gore and black feathers on the crypt floor and along the hallway. Two other iron doors stood to the west and north and a passage to the south continued on. The group felt it wise to enter the northern door and spotted several pairs of glowing red eyes staring back at them. Several ghouls then attacked the party, who valiantly fought them off. Among the bones and gore in the ghoul’s chamber the group found a couple potions and a bloodstone ring, which was immediately snatched up by the gnome sorcerer.
The group then ventured to the southern passage and, after Prophet cast a spell of detect evil, he was able to determine the presence of undead. Shortly after, the group found a lit brazier and a humanoid shadow dance off a wall and attack them. After destroying the undead fiend, Prophet was able to find a hidden passage behind a statue, which contained an ancient, magical battleaxe, who gave it to the dragonborn paladin.
They then backtracked back north to try the other western door and found it barred or locked from the inside. Giving a great shove, the dragonborn was able to burst through the door, knocking two kenku flying onto the floor. The two confused kenku immediately surrendered and attempted to converse with the group. After a short conversation, the party found that another kenku was slain by the ghouls.


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